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How to Apply to Surgical Training

Medical graduates wishing to pursue a career in Surgery must complete an internship and must competitively apply for a position on the National Surgical Training Programme, commencing at Core Surgical Training (ST1 – ST2).

Applicants do not declare the surgical specialty they wish to pursue when applying for the Core Surgical Training (ST1). Appointed trainees will select a specialty towards the end of ST2.

Once appointed (ST1) trainees will be continuously assessed for progression to ST3 (first year of ‘higher’ Specialty Training through the CAPA (Competency Assessment Performance Appraisal) process, successful completion of the MRCS exam and Specialty interview. Those trainees on core training will compete to progress to ST3 in their selected specialty towards the end of ST2.

Application Guidelines

All applicants must be:

  • Eligible for Registration on the Trainee Division of the Irish Medical Council. Click here for the Guidance Document.
  • Able to communicate clearly with patients and colleagues, click here for the English Language Requirements. This outlines the documentation which must be submitted with the application.

Applicants can apply to the training programme a maximum of two times. Points cannot be accrued between the first and second year application.

Application Process

The applications process is run through the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and opens in October and closes in December each year, with commencement on ST1 of the National Surgical Training Programme in July.

Applicants must complete an online application form found on the RCSI website and will be required to submit with the application the following notarised documents:

  • Full Transcripts of Medical School (original document required)
  • Verification of English Language Requirement (where applicable)
  • Verification of Eligibility for the Trainee Division (where applicable)
  • Verification of your decile / centile place within graduating class
  • Verification presentations / publications / research in progress / case reports / audits / attendance at meetings / courses (if applicable)
  • Letter of support from your supervisor for “work in progress” (if applicable)
  • Reference forms x 2 completed by referees
  • Colour copy of current Passport
  • Confirmation you have reviewed the Allocation of Places on the National Surgical Training Programme guidance document

For more details on the application process, guidelines and eligibility criteria please go to National Surgical Training Centre (RCSI)


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