Training Pathway

Psychiatry of Old Age

There are four steps in the training pathway to become a specialist in Psychiatry of Old Age

Step 1 – Medical School

Step 2 – Intern Year

Step 3 – Foundation Year + Basic Specialty Training in Psychiatry

Step 4 – Higher Specialty Training in Psychiatry of Old Age

Higher Specialty Training

Following basic specialty training doctors may choose to continue training at higher specialist training level. Doctors must decide the specialty they wish to pursue.

The information below outlines important information about training in the specialty of Psychiatry of Old Age.

Entry Requirements for Psychiatry of Old Age

Psychiatry Training in Ireland comprises a streamlined career path through Basic Specialist Training (BST) and Higher Specialist Training (HST).

Entry to the Psychiatry of Old Age Higher Specialist Training is dependent on successful completion of the Basic Specialty Training Programme in Psychiatry.

Duration & Organisation of Training

Specialisation within Psychiatry Training occurs during the final three years of the career pathway. In Psychiatry of Old Age, two of the final three years will be in Psychiatry of Old Age clinical placements and the third year may be spent in general Adult Psychiatry, psychiatric research or one of the other Adult specialties or subspecialties (Forensic, Liaison, Social & Rehabilitation, or Addiction, Medical Psychotherapy, Academic).

For more information on the training programme visit the College of Psychiatrists website.

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