How to Apply


Medical graduates wishing to pursue a career in Psychiatry must complete an internship and must competitively apply for a position on the National PsychiatryTraining Programme, commencing at Basic Specialty Training.

Applicants do not declare the psychiatry specialty they wish to puruse when applying for the Psychiatry training programme. Appointed trainees will select a specialty towards the end of year 3/4 of Basic Specialty Training.

Once appointed trainees will be continuously assessed for progression to Higher Specialty Training.

Application Process

Entry to the Psychiatry Training Programme is advertised in the Medical Press each November and all application documentation is accessible from the College of Psychiatry website

There is a single national recruitment and successful applicants will be allocated to one of the 9 Deaneries, each of which is linked to a university. Allocation is based on applicant’s preference combined with ranking at interview.

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