Training Pathway

There are four steps in the training pathway to become a specialist in Histopathology

Step 1 – Medical School

Step 2 – Intern Year

Step 3 – Basic Specialty Training in Histopathology

Step 4 – Higher Specialty Training in Histopathology

Higher Specialty Training

Following basic specialty training doctors may choose to continue training at higher specialist training level. Doctors must decide the specialty they wish to pursue.

The information below outlines important information about training in the specialty of Histopathology.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for Higher Specialist Training (HST) in Histopathology must be on the medical register and

1. Have completed Basic Specialist Training (BST) in approved or equivalent Histopathology posts.

2. Have demonstrated their aptitude for the specialty by satisfactory performance in the Aptitude Assessment that is usually conducted during the second year of Senior House Officer (SHO)
training (BST).

Candidates may apply for the Specialist Registrar Training Programme in November of second year of SHO training (or equivalent) for entry onto the Specialist Registrar (SpR) scheme the following July. In effect, this point of entry to the SpR scheme will be two years experience in Histopathology.

Applications may be submitted pending the result of the Aptitude Assessment as the latter may not be carried out prior to the closing date for applications to the SpR scheme.

Duration & Organisation of Training

Training in Histopathology consists of BST and HST periods. The duration of training in the SpR grade will normally be four to five years. The total training duration will therefore be six years or seven years including 2 years of BST.

The minimum total training time for award of a CSCST will always be five years. One year of two years spend at SHO/Registrar grade may in certain circumstances* be credited.

In order to obtain CSCST a trainee must
1. Complete at least 6 years of training in Histopathology, with satisfactory annual assessments.
2. Obtain the FRCPath examinations.

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