Training Pathway


Higher Specialist Training

Following basic specialty training doctors may choose to continue training at higher specialist training level. Doctors must decide the specialty they wish to pursue.

The information below outlines important information about training in the specialty of Dermatology

Entry Requirements

Applicants for Higher Specialist Training (HST) in Dermatology must have completed a minimum of two years Basic Specialist Training (BST) in approved posts and obtained the MRCPI or (UK*).

Duration & Organisation of Training

The duration of HST in Dermatology is 5 years; one year of which may be gained from a period of full-time research. Higher Specialist Training in Dermatology must provide the ability to diagnose and
manage the full range of diseases that can affect the skin and its appendages.

These include primary diseases of the skin and diseases of the mucous membranes (mouth and genitalia), hair and nails
and systemic diseases with skin involvement. To achieve these goals, the trainee must have ready access to advice from a consultant at all times, both in the outpatient department and on the ward.

During the first year, the trainee must obtain a solid grounding in the subject and well-defined goals are set for this period. Thereafter, the training requirements become more flexible.

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