Clinical Genetics

Training Pathway

Higher Specialty Training in Clinical Genetics

The training pathway to become a Clinical Geneticist starts with Basic Specialist Training (BST) in General Internal Medicine (GIM).

BST in GIM is a common training programme for people who wish to specialise as Physicians in Ireland.

The program is two years long and trainees have the opportunity to experience a number of specialties during this time.

A BST Certificate is awarded to all those who successfully complete the two year programme.   Candidates who have a qualification which is deemed equivalent are also eligible to apply for higher specialist training in Clinical Genetics.

Duration and Organisation of Training

The Clinical Genetics Higher Specialist Training programme is 4 years in duration.

Higher Specialist Training in Clinical Genetics includes clinical, laboratory and theoretical work.

Trainees will gain an understanding of the investigation, diagnosis and management of inborn errors of metabolism (IMD) and the principles of new-born screening .

Trainees should be competent in the diagnosis of an IMD with familiarity with treatment of management of common conditions such as PKU, organic acidopathies, urea cycle defects, lysosomal disorders and the modalities of treatment (substrate reduction, organ and HSCT/stem cell transplantation, chaperone and substrate inhibitor treatments, enzyme replacement therapy and the principles of gene therapy and gene manipulation therapies.) The majority of trainees will be expected to have undertaken a supervised research project by the end of their training.

Clinical Genetics Research Module: Trainees may also choose to follow the academic training pathway will be required to meet additional objectives.  After entering an approved programme, some trainees wish to spend a longer period in research by stepping aside from clinical training for up to three years. This is dependent on the research being prospectively approved by the College and with the support of the NSD and Dean of Postgraduate Specialist Training.