Medical School

Medical School is the first step in the process to be a registered doctor in Ireland.  Students can enter Medical School directly from school or through a graduate entry programme.

Direct Entry

For students in Ireland, entry to medical school is administered through the Central Applications Office (CAO). In addition to your performance in the Irish Leaving Certificate (or its equivalent), you will also be required to pass the Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT).

The closing date for 2017 CAO applications is 1 February 2017. The closing date for HPAT registration is 20 January 2017. 

Further information is available from the CAO & HPAT websites.

Graduate Entry 

Students who have already completed a degree programme in another discipline may wish to complete an additional degree in medicine. A minimum of a 2.1 in any degree is required to apply to a medical school which delivers a graduate-entry programme.

Medical Schools

Please visit the website of the 6 Irish medical schools for information on entry requirements.

Please visit the website of the medical school for information on entry requirements.

Completing the Intern Year is the next step in the process to become a registered doctor in Ireland.


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