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Emergency Medicine

The National Emergency Medicine Training Programme is a 7 year seamless training programme for medical graduates who have completed their internship and wish to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine.

The Programme will involve three years of Core Training, during which trainees will rotate through:

  • Emergency Medicine (18 months)
  • Acute Medicine (6 months) or Trauma & Orthopaedics or Plastic Surgery (6 months)
  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine or Acute Paediatrics (6 months)
  • Anaesthesia/Critical Care (6 months)

During Core Training, trainees will work towards the Membership exam of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM). On satisfactory completion of three years in addition to obtaining the MRCEM exam trainees will be issued a Certificate of Completion of Core EM Training.

Progression to Advanced training is managed via the formal Assessment of Suitability for Advanced Training (ASAT) coupled with successful completion of Core Training and the completion of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine exam (MRCEM).

Advanced training entails 4 years, during which time trainees spend 6 months in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and the remaining time in Adult/Mixed Emergency Medicine.

During Advanced Training, trainees progress through the modules of the (Fellowship of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (FRCEM) examination. In general, the final part of this examination will be taken in the 3rd or 4th year of Advanced Training.

Certificate of Completion of Emergency Medicine Training is issued by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland following a recommendation from the Irish Committee Emergency Medicine Training .  Trainees must have satisfactorily completed all of the Advanced Training in addition to the FRCEM Examination and a final CAPA session.

In conclusion the trainees will require:

  • Satisfactory Training in all rotations of Advanced Training
  • Satisfactory sign off at final CAPA (issue of RITA G)
  • FRCEM Examination
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